Yoga Etiquette

Yoga is more than simply the physical postures; it is a process of understanding and respecting ourselves, our space and those around us. Please honor the following community guidelines.

Be mindful of your punctuality

As instructors, we work hard to respect our clients’ schedules by starting and ending class on time. Arriving late can disrupt the focus of both participants and teachers. If the class has already started, you will be asked to come back for a class at a later time. Please keep in mind that this is also for your own benefit.  If you arrive too late for class it can be unsafe for you, as the rest of the class may be moving into postures or exercises that your body is not warmed up for yet.

In coming to a yoga class, we always have the best intentions, but often end up cursing our way through traffic and rushing into the door just in the nick of time. Always try to arrive at least 10 minutes before class to register and settle in.  This allows you an opportunity to focus on the importance of taking time, creating space, and connecting with your breath before class begins.

Be present the entire class

ORIGINAL90 classes are 90 minutes in length. All other classes last 60 minutes. Please plan on attending the entire class and do your best to stay in the hot room during the class. Feel free to sit down or skip a posture or two if you feel dizzy or nauseous. As you build the ability to focus your mind and still your body, the struggle will disappear. 

We also highly recommend that you allow yourself at least 2 minutes of savasana before you leave. This final relaxation is an important part of the class where your body is able to absorb the peace and space you created and we would hate for you to miss out!

Keep the Studio a Peaceful Place

Many people think of the studio as an escape from the noise of everyday life. It’s a space for quiet and relaxation.  Please keep all cell phones or any other electronics in the changing room.  Ditch your watch, FitBit, or heart-rate monitor and tune “IN” to your body. Please refrain from talking in the yoga room – before, during and after class. If you have a comment or question for the instructor, please share it after class. Fold your mat and towel up neatly to avoid your sweat landing on other’s still in savasana and walk softly out of the room.  Continue to observe silence until you have exited the hot room. This might be the only time of the day that many people have silence and tranquility and we want them to enjoy it completely.

Respect each other’s space

Please do your best to place your mat in a neat row to make space for other yogis around you. Stagger your mat so that the yogis behind/in front of you can also see themselves in the front mirror. If you are an experienced practitioner, please help us out by filling in the front row first. This helps people behind you to know where to set up and boosts the energy level in class. If you’re in a busy class, consider making room for others walking in. We have a large capacity studio and we want to make sure there is room for everyone in a well spaced-out manner.  At the end of class, take a moment to wipe down any extra sweat from the floor around you - there are extra towels on the podium if you need them. If you’re an extra heavy sweater, please rent an extra towel at the front desk or bring your own, your fellow practitioners will be very grateful.

Personal hygiene

At Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis we sweat and breathe together in a heated room. Out of respect for each other, please be mindful of your own body odors. Wear clean yoga clothes, refrain from using heavy cologne, lotions or perfumes, keep your breath fresh, and feet and toenails clean and properly maintained.  

Other SWEATiquette Tips

Practitioners must practice on a mat and at least 1 towel.

Avoid chewing gum in class. With inversions and breathing exercises, it can be unsafe to have gum in your mouth.

Please refrain from pouring water on yourself during class.

Glass bottles are not permitted for the safety of everyone’s bare feet.

We are not responsible for any items left at the studio.

Please recycle all plastic bottles in the recycling bins.

If you are not feeling well, take some time for your body to recover and avoid taking class. Not only does your body probably need the rest, but we want to avoid spreading anything to our fellow practitioners.