Taryn Brand

Taryn did gymnastics and competitive cheerleading that lead to multiple injuries to her back. After a compression fracture in high school and a severe ruptured disc years after that, she underwent back surgery. She was then seeking a job with minimal lifting/standing and got a job working the front desk at Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis. She'd done a little bit of yoga and couldn't wait to try hot yoga! After falling in love with the yoga soon after starting to work there, she went to teacher training. Taryn became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor in November of 2011. Since then she has very much enjoyed teaching this series to people. It is such a healing practice not only for the body and spine, but the mind as well. Taryn uses all aspects of yoga in her everyday life and truly believes it is a way of living...not just postures. This yoga can heal many ailments and has significantly improved her spine. Taryn loves the hot room and all the benefits that the heat provides! 

Taryn is a registered nurse and a mama to two beautiful boys, Henry and Denver. She lives with her Husband, Stephen and boys in Lake Saint Louis. Taryn loves spending time outside, yoga (obvi!), working out, and really anything involving hanging out with her boys! 

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