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Lindsey Rivolta
IHP Instructor

Hi guys! My name is Lindsey, although most of you might know me as “Erin’s baby sister.” My yoga journey began back in 2003 when I was visiting Erin in Dallas, TX. She had been telling me all about this hot yoga and when I was there she convinced me to try it. She knew I would become obsessed and she sure was right. Thus began my hot yoga love affair. Luckily for me, there was a Bikram Yoga studio in Iowa City where I attended the University of Iowa. So I continued practicing during college and upon graduation I returned back home right in time for Erin and Carol to open the doors of PHYSTL. Since the opening, I have practiced yoga on and off but just recently have made a promise to myself to practice at least 4-5x/week. I have committed myself to this promise, because I have realized the benefits not only include the physically demanding exercise of this practice and how it sculpts your body, but the benefits the discipline of the yoga brings to the mind and soul. PHYSTL strengthens my body, empowers my mind and always brings peace to my soul. And PHYSTL provides all this in a very loving and supportive environment. It’s like my family away from home.

When Erin approached me about teaching Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP), I was super excited! Not only does IHP offer such a nice compliment to the yoga practice along with so many benefits, I was being given the opportunity to teach it to my fellow yoga family. I was ready not only to add to my yoga practice with IHP, but I was looking forward to the many challenges that teaching may present while pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Plus, saying “no” to Erin is never an option, especially when you’re the baby sister 😊

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