At Home in My Own Skin

Like many others, I initially I came to Pure Hot Yoga to get into better physical shape, improve flexibility, and have a nice hot mental health break from time to time. I was instantly hooked and I have loved the results of these classes. There are lots of workouts that can produce positive physical results, but one way I think this yoga practice is special is how it has altered how I look at myself-for the better. I suspect I’m like many people: I grew up learning that looking into the mirror, examining your own body, was a way of registering its limitations and its failures to live up to an unattainable standard. This practice really teaches you to concentrate fully on your self, on your reflection in the mirror as it operates in tandem with your sense of balance and your sense of physical strength, and the benefit for me is that I look in the mirror now and see my body for what it can do, for what it has accomplished, for how it measures up to the standards I hold for my own health and happiness. I feel much more at home in my own skin. That, to me, has been a revolutionary experience, and I am very thankful for it.

— Meredith Kelling

Carol Stocks