Pure Hot Yoga is designed for beginners

It is common to feel nervous, scared, or even a little intimidated to try hot yoga. We have all felt that at the beginning of our practice. Just don’t let that stop you from coming to class. We offer the original hot yoga class (bikram method) in 90 & 60 minute formats. All of our classes are designed for beginners. With a little practice, you’ll quickly feel right at home!

Thinking about trying a class?

Choose a class on our schedule that works best for you.

First-time students must arrive 15-30 minutes early regardless of previous experience.

We want you to have time to get registered and orientated, meet your instructor, and get acquainted to your new home away from home. We recommend all students arrive 15 minutes before class in order to allow their body to get acclimated to the hot room. We begin every class on time and do not permit late entry. Please come early to avoid disappointment.

Come to class well hydrated

Proper hydration supports the healthy function of all your body’s systems and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming. You may bring water into class, but it is important to make sure you have hydrated beforehand.

Download and fill out the new student registration form

Bring this with you to your first class.

You can do this!

Our FAQs might help ease any tension you might be having. You can always call us if you have questions or concerns. We look forward to sweating with you!