Erin Stack

Erin’s passion and commitment to this yoga will be apparent the moment you enter her class. Erin truly believes in the relationship between effort and outcome. She feels that in order to reach your full potential, you must be willing to step out of your comfort zone. As a teacher, Erin witnessed the power that Bikram Yoga has to improve lives. She saw sick people become healthy, angry people become kind, depressed people become hopeful, and injured people become pain free.

Erin Stack was born and raised in Kirkwood, MO. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science at Truman State University. But it wasn’t until her move to Dallas, TX in 2001 that she fell in love with Bikram Yoga.

Erin was immediately drawn to the intense physical and mental challenges of the 90 minute class. In 2002, Erin left her job as a pharmaceutical sales representative to became a Certified Bikram Yoga instructor.

She still jokes that she used to sell drugs, and now she just sells the cure. And she truly believes it.

Erin knew she had to share this yoga with St. Louis. And in 2003 she, along with her incredible business partner, Carol Stocks, opened the first Bikram Yoga studio in St. Louis (now known as Pure Hot Yoga), and they have been making St. Louis sweat ever since!

She demands that her students are willing to give more than they have ever given before, in order to leave with more than they came with. Erin provides an atmosphere that offers confidence and motivation to inspire her students to always try their best. She loves pushing her students to new levels – even if sometimes they don’t like her for it!

Erin adores the students and staff at Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis and feels incredibly blessed every time she enters the studio. She is thankful for the continued support of her husband, Matthew, and they are doing their best to raise two very spirited, healthy little yoginis.

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