Charles Golubski
Lead Instructor

Charles began practicing yoga in 2000 practicing power yoga (at a local gym) and various other styles (at Moksha Yoga in Chicago) before finding Bikram yoga in 2009. He was working hard to get back into shape after hitting a maximum weight of 240 pounds and began practicing to train for a 2 day 200 mile bicycle ride for charity.

Charles has a degree in architecture and was a draftsman for high end residences in Chicago prior to moving to Florida in January of 2009, which is where he began practicing Bikram Yoga, in a small studio by the beach (Bikram Yoga Jacksonville). Since that time, Charles has practiced almost every day.

When Charles moved back to Chicago in September of 2009, he found Bikram Yoga Andersonville immediately. The rest is history, after 11 years of a consistent yoga practice Charles decided that he needed to teach this yoga and attended teacher training in the spring of 2011. Charles still does some occasional architecture and construction work.

In his own words: “I love this yoga, I love teaching this yoga. It’s not a miracle cure for anything and it doesn’t solve everything. But this practice helps so much, helping to prepare you to deal with so many difficult aspects of life. This practice helps balance, heal and strengthen you physically, mentally emotionally. You get out of it what you put into it and anyone can do it. I thank all the students for allowing me to share this yoga with them & all of my teachers for helping me grow and develop my practice.”

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