Catherine Chickey

When Catherine took her first few Bikram Yoga classes in 2005, she had been a smoker on and off for many years. On June 19, 2006 Catherine quit smoking for good and attributes her success to returning to - and committing to - a regular Bikram Yoga practice at Carol and Erin's studio, Bikram Yoga St. Louis, (now Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis). "It was absolutely the key component for my having remained smoke free to this day." Exactly one year after quitting, on June 19, 2007 Catherine taught her first Bikram Yoga class and in the fall of that same year, with Carol Stocks as her main coach and source of inspiration, she began participating in yoga asana demonstrations/competitions and continued exploring her practice on a training level until 2015. Along with Carol Stocks, Catherine also trained with Mary Jarvis, Jessica Rask, and Esak Garcia. "The support and encouragement from our yoga community is very powerful for all types of healing on unexpected levels - physically, mentally, emotionally - and for me, this support renewed my self confidence, helped me begin healing from some unprocessed life events, and sparked a new and deeper sense of self study and adventure."
Catherine enjoys studying the art of teaching, yoga, meditation, spirituality, and regularly attends workshops and trainings.
Her many years as a flight attendant (1989) have given her ample opportunities to extend her yoga practice outside the yoga room. Catherine has explored many paths- music (cello), acting, photography, writing, yoga- and continues to approach life as an adventure, but at a little slower pace.  She enjoys sharing her creative approach to and experience of life with her students and her love for sharing what inspires her is evident in her classes. After moving an average of once a year starting at the age of 20 (1984), Catherine finally settled down in St. Louis (2003) with her husband, Michael, and their fur family, Truman and Toonces. She continues to be inspired by and to explore the art of teaching yoga with Carol and Erin (owners of Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis) and the wonderful and varied team of teachers at Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis.

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