Becky Melander

Ever high-energy and loving a good beat, Becky is never short on motivation. A native St. Louisan, she attended college on the east coast and spent her 20s in Boston working for an international student travel company. Her work allowed her to travel the globe, learning about different cultures, languages and ways of life, and developing her own perspective as a global citizen.

In 2002 she moved back to St. Louis with her husband Matt, a New Englander. Both experienced marathoners, Matt was the one who began taking occasional hot yoga classes and suggested Becky give it a try. Somewhat willingly, she looked at yoga as a way to start fresh after having her third daughter, so she rolled her eyes and gave it a shot. Bam. Hooked. 

Now it’s more than 9 years later and she looks forward to each and every yoga class. She has made some fantastic friends at the studio whom she sees regularly and who now feel like her yoga “family”. She says “one of the best parts about yoga is that the classes allow for pockets of silence in my otherwise crazy days. I feel the energy from yogis around me and try my best to offer it back to them.”

When Carol and Erin presented the opportunity for her to teach Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP), she paused, but only for a bit. Back in the 90s in Boston, Becky had prepared to teach aerobics, but lost her nerve. This was the chance to make good on a past goal and it proved a natural fit. The combination of great music and intense cardio moves was just the thing to add a little more spring to her step.

Becky still runs, swims, lifts, practices yoga, cooks, cardio-parents (that’s her full-time gig), takes photos, reads, creates and spends time with her three daughters, husband and two ridiculous dogs. For now IHP is her thing - come in and give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!

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