Becca Kannapell

Becca has been a dancer, a mover, a shaker pretty much her whole life. She majored in Fine Arts at the University of Arizona in Tucson (dance was part of her major!) which led her to her very first yoga class. That class was a Bikram Yoga class. She fell in love with the practice pretty much immediately due to the amazing energy and clarity she left the studio with after each session. Upon graduating from college, she headed straight to Bikram Yoga Training in Los Angeles and began teaching the series in 2003 at her home studio, Pure Hot Yoga. 

In 2009 Becca graduated from New York University with an MA in Science for Occupational Therapy and was able to utilize her yoga teaching skills to start yoga programs on the Oncology Unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She has continuously incorporated her yogic knowledge into her treatment with her hospital patients and into nearly every facet of her personal life. In the last 15 years, Becca has traveled throughout around the world studying, practicing and teaching yoga, Occupational Therapy and other movement forms. She always comes back to her original Bikram Yoga practice because it feels like hitting a "reset" button for her mind, body and holistic wellness.

She currently lives in St. Louis and is the co-founder of a female-family-run jewelry business called POUND Jewelry. Her jewelry business invokes the healing, transformation and magic that is present when we do the things we love. Becca LOVES teaching yoga and LOVES all of the people she has had the opportunity to meet and connect with thanks to this practice.

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